Radiata pine is sustainable, versatile, and paints well. Pine is commonly used for items that will be painted such as framing, mouldings, jams, and sills.


We often use cedar on window sashes and doors. It is naturally durable and stable.


Oak has a distinctive grain and colour. For featured joinery such as hardwood surfaces, doors, tables and benchtops, oak is an appealing choice. Our USA source is certified sustainable.


New Zealanders have an affinity for native wood, especially rimu. It has a warm colour and refined grain. We provide it from sustainable sources such as the West Coast of the South Island.


Reclaimed native wood, either swamp (petrified) or recycled, looks extremely unique and special. It can also carry memories of a previous time, or person. Timber from a demolished building, particularly a significant building, exudes character and preserves a piece of history.

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